True Luna by Tessa Lilly

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True Luna by Tessa Lilly (The Unknown Magic)

The White Wolf Series Book 4 - CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT -— Alpha Nathan

Logan’s POV

Iran my ftingers through Emma’s hair and k*issed her forehead. She stirred a little.

| smiled and k*issed the tip of her nose. She sighed and turned her head the other way.

“Come on, baby, wake up,” | mumbled as | pulled her closer to me. “Five more minutes,” she mumbled, making me chuckle. “We don’t have five more minutes,” | told her. “I want to make love to you before we get up.”

Emma pressed her b*utt against my already hard d*ick and | g*roaned. “Scratch that,” | said as | k*issed my mark on her n*eck. “I need to make love to you before we get up.”

Emma chuckled and turned around. She wrapped her arms around my n*eck and k*issed me. | m*oaned, tangling my f*ingers into her hair and pressing her even closer to me.

No matter how much time passed, | would always want her and need her. She was f*ucking perfect and | adored every part of her body and soul. | loved her so f*ucking much.

| ran my hand down her back and grabbed her perfect little b*utt. | was as hard as a rock and | needed to get inside her right now.

She stopped hissing me and lowered her head. She started s*ucking on her mark on my n*eck, making my eyes roll to the back of my head.

| was just about to pull her pajama pants down when | heard someone approaching our bedroom. | recognized my son’s scent immediately.

| growled just as he knocked on our bedroom door.

“Get up,” Alexander said. “Hunter’s family will be here in two hours.”

| turned to lie on my back and | ran my ftingers through my hair.

“| thought that our sex life was supposed to get better after they grow up,” | mumbled, making Emma laugh. “| heard that and it’s gross,” Alexander mumbled as he walked away.

Emma snorted and started getting up. | pulled her back and pressed her closer to me. “We have time,” | mumbled as | placed a small k*iss on her shoulder.

Emma chuckled and ran her f*ingers through my hair.

“He will come back,” Emma said. “He is probably very nervous.”

I had to hold back a whine.

“| will be all yours tonight,” Emma said, making me smile.

“Do you promise?” | asked.novelbin

“| promise,” she said as she pressed her I*ips against mine.

| had to hold back a m*oan. | really wanted to stay in bed with her a little bit longer. | needed her today. | needed to feel her and reassure myself that she was really mine.

| didn’t know why | was this needy today. Maybe it was because Nathan was coming and everything that happened just came back to the surface. | remembered how scared | was. | remembered how angry | was. | thought that | was going to lose her. | thought that she would leave me. | thought that he would take her away from me. Everything that happened with Nathan was hard for me. Just remembering that part of our lives brought that pain back to the surface. | needed to feel Emma so that the pain would go away.

She stopped k*issing me way too soon. She looked at me and caressed my cheek.

“| can feel your emotions, Logan,” she mumbled. “I know this will be hard, but | want you to know that | love you so much. | am incredibly proud of you and | am incredibly proud to be your mate.”

| smiled at her. “I love you.”

“| love you too,” she said, smiling.

She stood up and stretched out.

“Come on,” she said as she walked toward the bathroom. “Our kids need us.”

| stood up with a huff and followed her to the bathroom.

“Do you think that Nathan really changed?” | asked her as we started brushing our teeth. Emma nodded. “I do. You’ve seen the change in him yourself.”

| did. Every time we saw each other, he was very respectful and kind. He understood our need to keep a distance from him, and he never tried to cross any boundaries. He definitely wasn’t the same Nathan who came to

my pack all those years ago. Emma mumbled something | didn’t understand at all. | furrowed my eyebrows.

“| can’t understand you if you talk with a toothbrush in your mouth,” | said. She took the toothbrush out of her mouth and spit out the toothpaste.

“| said that we needed to give him a second chance,” Emma said, making me sigh. “| know,” | said. “I would do anything for my princess.”

My kids were the light of my life. | was so freaking proud of them both. Alexander was a wonderful young man and he was going to be a great Alpha soon. | knew that | was going to leave my pack in the hands of a kind and powerful Alpha.

My Sophie was my princess. She was my joy. She was my little girl and my love for her was endless. There was nothing | wouldn't do to keep her safe. There was nothing | wouldn’t do to make her happy.

Emma finished brushing her teeth. She smiled at me and wrapped her arms around my waist. | caressed her cheek. “lam going to get dressed,” she said softly as she placed a small k*iss on my n*aked c*hest.

My whole body burned with need and | had to take a deep breath to calm down.

| watched Emma walk back into our bedroom when | got a mind-link from Andrew.

Is he here? He asked me.

Not yet. | said. He will be here in about two hours.

| rinsed my mouth and spit out the toothpaste.

Are you nervous? Andrew asked.

As f*uck. | mumbled.

I splashed my face with cold water and took a deep breath.

Everything will be okay. Andrew sighed. We are doing this for Soph.

| looked at myself in the mirror. | watched my jaw twitch.

| know. | said. There is nothing | wouldn't do for her.

| just hoped that Nathan did change. | hoped that he would treat my daughter with respect. If he didn’t, nothing would f*ucking stop me from killing him this time.

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