Chapter 263

Chapter 263: Chapter 163 "Level 4 White Wizard" and At the age of forty-eight: You hid in the Rose Plane, waiting for the perfect time, all other matters were temporarily put aside,]

[At the age of forty-nine: You occasionally check the Destiny Solid Stone, planning on how to fuse with it at the best moment.]

[At the age of fifty-three: You feel the time has come, even though the Destiny Solid Stone hasn't been fully nurtured, you know you can no longer wait. You fused with Destiny Solid Stone, neither succeeding nor failing.]

[At the age of fifty-four: You have completely fused with the Destiny Solid Stone and successfully become a Level 4 White Wizard.

A Level 5 Wizard attacked you, but you successfully escaped back to the Guardian Sea using a life-saving puppet.

You messaged your mentor, Bane, and told him about your experiences.]

[At the age of one hundred and twelve: You have never left the Guardian Sea, however, this mission forced you to leave.]

[At the age of one hundred and thirteen: You left the Guardian Sea. A Level 5

Wizard attacked you and you died.]

[Simulation ends, please choose your reward!]

[Retain Realm] or [Retain Technique]

[You can choose to retain three memories!]

Pieces of black text flashed before Milton Cheney's eyes.

"Retain Realm!"

Without hesitating, Milton Cheney chose to retain his realm.

The moment he retained his realm, a torrent of spiritual power surged out from his Spiritual Sea.

The spiritual power turned into a storm, destroying everything around it.

This spiritual power was just a trace overflowed from Milton Cheney's Spiritual Sea.

If he would mobilize all his spiritual power now, he could sink the entire Wizard Continent.

Clarity filled Milton Cheney's mind as never before.

If he observed inwardly now, he would find that the spiritual power in his Spiritual Sea seemed to have solidified.

"So strong!"

Milton Cheney exclaimed in his mind.

He now and his prior self were completely different.

Milton Cheney had never experienced such an incomparable feeling of strength before.

Even reaching the Qi Cultivation Fourth Stage had not given Milton Cheney this sensation before.

If the Qi Cultivation Fourth Stage was his weapon, then being a Level 4 Wizard was the power of his own body.

"Retain the memories of age fifty-three, fifty-four, and fifty-five." Three unfamiliar memories were absorbed by Milton Cheney.

The memory of breaking through to level 4 White Wizard during the simulation appeared in Milton Cheney's mind.

This gave him a deeper understanding of the realm of a level 4 Wizard. The next moment, Milton Cheney called out his Attribute Panel.

[Name: Milton Cheney] [Spiritual: 41.5 (43-5)]

[Physique: 32.6 (34.2)]

[Spiritual System Wizard Realm: Level 4 Wizard]

[Bloodline Wizard Realm: Level 3 Wizard]

[Breathing Technique: Golden Lion Breathing Technique (Perfect)] [Meditation Technique: Guardian Meditation Technique (Perfect)] [Refining Technique: White Raven Refining Technique (Perfect)]

[Knight Skills: ...I

[Spirit System Magic: Eye of Destiny (Third Ring), Surging Flame Waves (Third Ring), Spatial Door (Third Ring), Meteorite Heavy Strike (Third Ring)...]

[Bloodline Magic: White Raven True Form (Third Ring), Soul of the White Raven (Third Ring), Authentic Disguise (Third Ring), White Raven Illusion (Third Ring), Ultimate Insight (Third Ring)...]

[Reincarnation Simulation Count: 1]

After glancing at his spiritual power attribute on the panel, Milton Cheney hid the panel.

His spiritual power has completely broken the limit of a Level 3 Wizard.

Now he was a genuine Level 4 Wizard.

He could now clearly feel the power of a Level 4 Wizard.

His spiritual power was far more potent than before.

He feels that if he mobilizes all his spiritual power now, he could even pierce through a small Plane.

From the time Milton Cheney crossed into this world until now, it had been twenty years.

In just twenty years, he had gone from an ordinary person to a Level 4 Wizard.

Even in the Wizard Realm, a Level 4 Wizard could definitely be considered a powerhouse.

In the entire Wizard Realm, the number of Level 4 Wizards wouldn't be too many.

Now, he just needs to master a few Fourth Ring Magic spells to be considered strong among Level 4 Wizards.

Mastering Fourth Ring Magic was a time-consuming and labor-intensive task for others, but for Milton Cheney, it's just a matter of running a simulation.

Although he was now a Level 4 Wizard, Milton Cheney did not plan to return to the Guardian Sea right away.

In this text simulation, Milton Cheney saw some unusual aspects of the Guardian Sea.

Remember, in this text simulation, he was already a Level 4 Wizard.

But in the end, because of a mission, he had to leave the Guardian Sea, and then a Level 5 Wizard from the Gospel Masters Order killed him.

Couldn't the Guardian Sea protect a Level 1+ Wizard?

Milton Cheney did not believe so.

what's more, the Level 5 wizara who attacked nim was a l-mown enemy or tne Guardian Sea, the Gospel Masters Order.

Of course, it could be that the Guardian Sea didn't care much about him, maybe he was overthinking it.

After pondering for a moment, Milton Cheney decided not to dwell on it anymore.

He has completely tied himself to the Guardian Sea for now, at least for the time being he can't leave the ship that is the Guardian Sea.

Just as Milton Cheney prepared to mobilize his spiritual power to leave, a mechanical voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

Milton Cheney's face did not change.

Here it is, he almost forgot.

[Congratulations, host, on successfully becoming a Level 4 m Wizard. The upgrade of the Wizard's Life Simulator 5.0 has begun, and this upgrade will last for one natural month.]

[Detecting that the host still has one unused Reincarnation Simulation. Do you want to use it?]

Milton Cheney had expected the simulator upgrade much earlier..

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