The Untouchable Ex-Wife

Chapter 1802

After that, Xavier left the manor and chose to head to Everheart Manor.

Even after Xavier scolded him, Stefan still behaved like a nocturnal animal that lurked in the dark.

He neither went out nor prepared himself to meet Renee, and just sat there gloomily for along time.

Finally, he stood up and picked up the high-power binoculars on the table, then pointed it at Everheart Manor through the thick curtains.

His bedroom was facing the backyard of Everheart Manor and Renee's bedroom.

He saw Renee having fun with Adie and Abby in the yard, and his heart ached.

Her new eyes looked nice, and he was happy she could see again, even if they weren't as beautiful as her old eyes.

She could play with the children and take care of them well now.

Jovan could be quite extreme sometimes, but he had done a good thing for Renee.

Because of that, Stefan would give them his sincere blessings if Jovan did win Renee over.

The backyard of Everheart Manor was large with lush grass and plenty of flowers.

The children drew large and small squares on the ground to play hopscotch with Renee.

Children grew up fast, and Adie and Abby had both grown up a lot from the last time Stefan saw them.

They were almost at Renee's shoulders now.

The three of them basked in the sunlight like fairies, joyful and active.

Stefan felt happy just looking at them...

He knew Xavier was right and that he was being a coward.

He hid behind curtains, corners, and windows all day long, secretly watching everything Renee did.

When he saw her with Jovan, he would be madly jealous.novelbin

If he saw her talking and laughing with Justin, he would yearn to hack him into pieces.

Even if she was with akid like Jeffrey, Stefan would feel uneasy.

But that envy came with the frustration of knowing he couldn't do anything about it.

Of course, Stefan loved Renee, and couldn't bear to see her with other men, but if he got involved with her again, he would only bring pain to her otherwise peaceful life.

He knew that love could not quell hatred, especially when it came to family.

If Renee learned the truth behind her family's bankruptcy and her parents' death, she would be even sadder.

So, the only thing Stefan could do was reduce Renee's pain.

The only resolution was to leave Renee and let her get used to not having him in her life.

He would even make her hate him, so that she wouldn't be too sad if the truth came out one day.

"Kids, we're going to mess things up alittle," Renee suggested suddenly to the two children laughing and jumping around the yard. The children stopped, looking confused.

"Mommy, we already drew the squares.

The game is already difficult, but you want to take it tougher?" "Of course.

C You both are no longer children, son you should learn to break the rules a little. Then, the game will be more interesting." "That sounds interesting...

How do you plan to do that?" Adie rubbed his chin contemplatively.

"It's very simple-we'll blindfold ourselves for the hopscotch.

People who jump onto the Castle squares will get a reward, but those who jump onto the Poison squares will be punished. What do you think?" Renee explained the rules of the game excitedly.

"Count us in!" Suddenly, Renee heard eager voices behind her.

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