The Runaway Groom

Chapter 1103

Before Lulu could leave, Zachary turned and saw her, calling out, "Ms. Jones!"

As Lulu paused, he slowly wiped his mouth with a tissue and pointed at Lulu while telling Vivian, "I haven't introduced you-she's the new babysitter I hired."

Vivian was just about to put more food on Zachary's plate, and she straightened right then. "Babysitter? I see..."

There was nothing wrong with her tone, but Lulu felt hostility the instant their eyes met!

"This is my assistant, Vivian!" Zachary continued just then.

Lulu did not react, even smiling cheerfully since she knew when to keep her distance. "Nice to meet you. I'm the childcare worker Mr. Slate hired for his baby."

"You're quite young, I'm surprised you'd be a childcare worker. You must be impressive since Mr. Slate would hire you himself," Vivian said, probing her with a smile and flattery. "Mr. Slate always had a good eye, and there must be something about you that sets you apart. I hope you can take good care of his baby!"

"Also..." She walked up, eagerly taking Lulu's hand and picking up the huge bag she brought, opening it and revealing a large amount of childcare products. "I brought a lot of stuff for the baby. Check them out and see if there's anything unsuitable. Just tell me, and I'll buy it tomorrow!"

Seeing that Lulu was left a little dumbstruck, she smiled and promptly picked up a baby food steamer, which she then placed on the table. "This one is imported- you can't usually get it locally, but I heard it's safe and easy to use. I had to queue up for it!"

Zachary walked toward them and shot Vivian an impatient glare. "Thank you. Send me the bill later. I'll claim it for you as expenses." "No way! You've taken such good care of me, I'm not so ungrateful that I'd ask to claim for something like this!" Vivian exclaimed, waving him off, before moving on to the baby clothes. "It's been hot lately, so it'd be better to have more clothes prepared for the baby. I've asked a friend to buy this from abroad-the material is perfect, and the baby would be very comfortable!"

"Also, there are some children's toys, designed expressly for their age. It's better than ordinary toys, and you can let your baby play with these!"

As she continued to pull a pile of things from the bags, Lulu more or less read her mind by then.novelbin

Zachary could tell as well, could he not? Why else would the woman be so enthusiastic?

However, he did not reject Vivian.

Did this mean...

Still, it made sense he would want to settle down-Lulu only hoped that she would have more time staying with Star.

Suddenly, Vivian grabbed Lulu's hand. while beaming. "You must take good care of f Mr Slate's baby. Just tell me if you need anything-Mr. Slate is busy, so he can't help much!"

"Sure," Lulu replied, subtly pulling her hand away.

Despite having had enough of Vivian's enthusiasm, she forced a smile. "Childcare is my field and that involves the tools applied. Mr. Slate also provided me with a debit card so that I can get anything the baby needs by myself. I won't have to impose!"

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