The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story

Chapter 463

Chapter 0463

I hadn’t considered this, how my joining this trip would make the other girls feel. I looked to Susie for comfort and answers. She, at least, didn’t seem jealous. Why would she? The man she wanted was staying here.

“How does everyone know so fast?” I asked her quietly, while Veronica distracted Tiffany with talk of their meal. The chicken parmesan was delicious. I couldn’t imagine Veronica would tell anyone. Nor could I really see Julian walking into the room to share the news.

“Bridget told everyone before you arrived,” Susie replied.

and I knew and- oh.

But how did she know? Only Veronica, Julian,ccusation shook through him and he decided

Julian must have told her. Perhaps Veronica’s

to confront Bridget for himself. God help him, I hope she didn’t crassly break his heart again.

I sighed. I couldn’t be mad at him for going to her for the truth. It’s exactly what I would have done if Nicholas had been accused of starting the rumors.

“It really is too bad,” Bridget said, speaking loud enough for the whole table to hear. “Piper thinks herself so vital to the competition that she would break the set rules to join us on our trip. I understand how hard it is to be left behind, but rules are rules for a reason. Don’t you think so, Piper?”

All eyes in the room turned toward me. I wasn’t as scared of the spotlight as Susie was, but it was still unnerving to have the sudden overwhelming attention of everyone in the room. I swallowed thickly, suddenly very nervous.

The only pair of eyes in the room not directed at me where Susie’s. In her lap, she twisted her napkin so tightly it was beginning to fray.

“I…” I didn’t know what to say. “If I…”

“You must agree with me?” Bridget said. “Surely you see how unfair that would be, for you to be included on a trip not intended for you?”

“That’s enough,” said Susie, in her soft frightened voice.

I looked at her in surprise. So did Bridget.

“What was that, Susie?” she asked.

“I said, that’s enough!” Susie said louder. “You say it would be unfair for her, but that entire

you.” (3)

event was unfair to anyone bs

Everyone’s eyes went wide, my own included. I’d never heard Susie speak like that with


She glared at Bridget. “You forget that Piper is Julian’s favorite, and that they are a couple. Of course she would be included wherever he would choose to go.”

“She’s right,” Veronica added, when Susie began to falter. “Unless you think you have a right to dictate what the prince’s want, Bridget?”

Bridget closed her mouth. She continued to smile, even as the corner of her eye seemed.



tighter than before.

I smiled at Susie in thanks. Her face was beet red.

After dinner, I was so distracted, I was not paying attention where I was going, and in my usual walk down the hallway, ran straight into a hard male chest.

“I’m so sorry,” I said. I tried to back away, but a pair of strong arms came around me and held me closer.

I inhaled. I knew that scent. The feel of this chest and those arms.


He held me tightly, so I lifted my arms and held him in return.

We stayed like that for a long few moments, neither of us speaking a word. novelbin

His heartbeat was so steady, so calming. I wished I could stay like this forever, safe in the cradle of his arms.

But it was not meant to be.

Eventually we separated. We didn’t say a word as we walked away from each other in different directions down the hall.


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