The Billionaire's Secret Quartet

Chapter 1428

Chapter 1428

Chapter 1428 Before Hertha sought him out, Spencer had always thought Hertha had special feelings for him. Otherwise, why would she care so much about saving him a few bucks?

They say when a woman is penny-pinching for a man, it's because she’s got visions of white picket fences and kids playing in the yard-casting every penny towards a future together.

Spencer had thought just that. He figured Hertha was sweet on him, dreaming of a cozy household. And it didn’t hurt that he was quite taken with her easygoing nature-generous, hearty, and without pretense.

It had been ages since he’d found a woman he could just relax with.

So, he decided to settle down with Hertha. He met her parents, even suggested a sit-down between both of their parents to talk wedding bells and all that jazz.

He thought it would all fall into place smoothly-him and Hertha tying the knot under the beaming smiles of their parents, having kids, and living the dream together.

But the night before the big parental meet-and-greet, Hertha came to him. She was straightforward, telling him she’d fallen for Alaric, and she was carrying his children.

Spencer was in the midst of planning the family rendezvous at the hotel when she dropped the bombshell. All his hopes and dreams shattered in that instant.

The woman he thought he'd spend his life with suddenly became a distant stranger. It felt like a knife to his heart, and he couldn’t swallow the news she'd so casually tossed at him.

But then Hertha continued, “I’m telling you now so you can cut your losses. Don’t waste your time on me. There’s still time for you to find someone else. With your catch, you'll surely find a better woman to marry.”

With that, Spencer had his lightbulb moment-Hertha was an honest and considerate woman, which is why she told him the score when it mattered most.

Awoman with less scruples would’ve kept mum, married him knowing full well it wouldn’t work out with Alaric, and let him play daddy to another man’s children for a lifetime.

Spencer was heartbroken at first, and he did blame Hertha for getting his hopes up only to dash them.

But he came to terms with it eventually. He was even thankful to Hertha for spilling the beans in time. Otherwise, he’d have been in way over his head.

And as fate would have it, Hertha ended up buying an apartment in his neighborhood.

Chance had them bumping into each other in the complex. Seeing her with the baby bump, Spencer became more protective of her naturally.

Gradually, they grew into friends.

Hertha let out a wry smile, her gaze on the floor though her eyes lacked focus. “I didn’t have a choice in this.”

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Besides, Alaric was practically engaged now, and no matte rersteestbabbesshe S ™ interest would likely see them married in the end. Visit NovelDrama.Org to read the latest chapter of this novel

She wouldn't be the third wheel between Alaric and his Georgia. “Ms. Kensington, the fondue’s ready. Can you help me bring out the broth?” Bridget called from the kitchen. “On my way!” Hertha shot up from her seat.

Just as she was about to head over, a strong hand clutched her wrist, pulling her back down onto the couch.

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