Tattooed Luna by Mrs Smith

Chapter 523

"This is all speculations. Let's just not go down that rabbit hole." Alec shook his head.

"What rabbit hole?" Ice asked as the girls cback to the table.

"How's your ankle?" Lars asked Emily.

"Scan't feels it!" Emily slurred her words.

"Wow." Lars shook his head but laughed at her.

“As much as I am having fun, I do think it's twe head out. There is another party tomorrow and I can't stay up too late both nights." Penny put her arm through mine.

Jace and Carson stood up too. "I think we will head out also. We aren't young enough to do this twice in a row!" Carson laughed. Molly and Carson waved goodbye before they walked away.

Penny pulledto my feet, being as she must be that ready to go. "Can we go to your office for a moment?" She askedin the mind-link.

Confused, I just looked at her while Jace said his goodbyes. "Sure, why?" She didn't answer put pulled me. "See you all tomorrow!" Penny waved.

"Later." I said as I followed her. "Jacob, make sure things don't get out of control. Penny and I are leaving." Mind-linking Jacob, I made eye contact with him.

"Will do." He nodded and responded before shutting the link. He was on the dance floor with Sherry and didn't want to coff. Penny was practically running up the stairs. "What is going on? Are you okay? Why are we headed up here?" She didn't answer but threw the door open and waited forto cin before slamming it shut and locking it. Standing with my arms out slightly, I was so confused on what she wanted. However, I didn't have to wait long.

Penny turned and looked at me. Reaching behind her, I wasn't sure what she was doing until I saw her dress fall at her feet. Standing beforein jus her bra and underwear with her heels still strapped, my brain finally realized what she wanted.

It only tooktwo steps to close the space between us. Grabbing her neck and wrapped my arm around her waist, I kissed her hard. Penny's body melted under my touch. Her desire for uninterrupted sexual twas running through my veins, I could hardly handle it.

Picking her up, I moved to the couch and laid her down. Before I could even do anything else, her hands already had my shirt unbuttoned and was working on my pants. Right when I went to unhook her bra, Penny flippedand we fell off the couch.

Landing on my back, Penny was straddling me. Every tI tried to touch her, she slapped my hands away. This was her show. As she sucked on my mark, I couldn't help the waves of pleasure that shot down my body. It was becoming increasingly hard to let her do her own thing. Her nails ranked down my sides, little strips of blood showed just how hard she was pushing.

Moving down my body, Penny pushed my pants down the rest of the way. Our eyes met as she wrapped her hand around my dick and started stroking it. novelbin

"Fuuuucckk." I groaned.

As soon as her lips touched me, my head fell back. Penny's tongue moved around my dick with so much desire that I had to focus on not cuming too early.

My eyes were closed so I wasn't aware of Penny moving. Since I was so focused on not blowing my load, I washt/prepared for her to sit down on my dick. My hands firmly gripped her hips as she started moving forward and backward. My eyes were finally able to open. Penny had her hands in her hair with her eyes closed as she moved to her own Rhythm. I let her do her thing for just a few more minutes before I couldn't handle it anymore.

t was my turn to flip her over and ept going. Penny opened her mouth o argue but I stopped her I stopped her with my wn kiss. It was my turn to have my >wn fun. Pinning her hands above er head, I moved down her body vith my tongue. Goosebumps lined ny track. Content belongs to ¡wAs much as she squirmed under me, I held firm. As soon as my tongue touched in the inside of her lips, she gave up her fight. Now, she was arching her hips into me, begging forto keep fucking her.

This was a side of her I haven't seen before. A dominate side that wanted to be in charge. Moving back up, I just looked in her eyes and gently pushed into her.

Penny's eyes rolled in the back of her head as I moved in and out before picking up my pace. Het orgasm hit andy couldn't hold it in anymore. As my orgasm hit, my fangs extended and I bit down into my mark. The bond between us strengthen. "Oh, Colt." Penny groaned as our breathing calmed down.

"Never did I think you would bringup here to seduce me." Resting my head on my hand, I looked into her eyes. Her face was still flushed but satisfied.

"Eh... you weren't doing it.' "We should probably head to the kids." My finger kept rubbing her cheek.

"Yeah, I just wanted salone twith you. It's like they know we are together and they start screaming!" Penny laughed. Climbing off of her, I held out my hands for her to grab. "I know. Cute little guys though." "Can we go out the back way so no one sees us?" Penny asked.

She was trying to put her dress back on. "Don't want people to see how I affect you?" I teased.

"I might be finding my new role but allowing them to know I just seduced my mate isn't part of that." Penny gavea look.

"I could show them these new claw marks down my side." I threatened.

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