Stronger by Ang Chris

Chapter 142

Chapter 142

Deacon POV;

The training has been intense for the new recruits. But I think we finally got them whipped into shape. Most of them who weren’t angels already knew how to fight and they didn’t fight


Many of them were exiled for being ruthless killers, bloodlust–fueled fighters, and dangerous criminals. Exactly what I needed to take down my son. he thought that his ethics and morals would protect him, but that’s not how the world works I knew what needed to be done and I

had the guts to do it.

All the slime and all the grease of the world Id pile it over myself to protect me from

anything he threw at me.

“Sir the recruits seem to be doing all right. The week, but with food and training, they’ll be

good cannon fodder,” Cyrus updated me.

“Good and those special hires I brought in?” I looked over at the group of wolf soldiers. Some wolves leave so that they can enlist and defend their country. Even if they’re not angels among men they still wanted some combat. I got in touch with a few looking for a quick bucks

They have been court–marshalled for pocketing some extra payment. I was happy to

pockets once more.


fine their

any word from Jackson?” I asked him. The man shook his head and avoided my gaze.

“He probably got too close and had to go underground,” I announced. There was no way he’d been captured. He’d been working with me for a long time and I trusted him to get the job done. He knew what would happen if he didn’t.

“Sir I think it’s time that we face the fact he could be captured. We haven’t heard from him in

days,” Cyrus piped up.

I didn’t need or want his opinion, but that’s the thing with these wolves. They think they’re


Chapter 142

entitled to share it because he’s a beta. no not in my world in my world. The only one who could voice their opinion was me.

“He’s fine if he isn’t they send me a message,” I told him.

He scuttled away knowing he’d overstepped, if there was one thing he was good for it was walking away when he knew he should. at least his survival instincts were better than his

ability to talk himself into a hole.

Around me at all the mutts. I should’ve known one day. I would end up back here, but this

was the last time. I had to see this through, and perhaps I would get myself a little prize, a

new son to mold.

Jackson had managed to snap a picture of the boy, clinging to his mother. Like father, like son. The words bitterly clung in my head. Luckily he was young enough for me to break that


I still remember the way that she begged me to hold him. She didn’t see how hard I’d strive

to build something that would live forever, enormous, power, and wealth.

Look at all I had the Adams corporation was a breathing beast that dominated the financial

industry, And I would leave it in the capable hands of my grandson..

when I saw her again, she’d be begging for Mercy, and she realized she should’ve trusted my instincts a long time ago.

I stocked off to my private corner of the gym, a dark room, where no one could see me. I went

over ledgers and deals and contracts as I ran. I discussed with Vanessa all the things on my

schedule that needed attending to as I punched the bag.

I challenged Wolf, who dared to look at my face and would crush each of them easily. They thought that came from an honest relationship with your wolf.

It came from killing your wolf, not letting the rat bastard get a word in.

As I worked out and threw another rogue against the cage wall my thoughts wandered back to Jackson. If he had gone underground, he would’ve told me. I knew I was right though if


Chapter 142

they had him, they would tell me they’d send proof so I would be afraid.

What did Jackson know? He knew I was planning to fight them, but they already knew that.

I’m sure they knew too that I was taking in rouges and training them. They were already – doing the same thing.

He didn’t know anything about me, I made sure of that, but he was a PI he knew how to find out things. Perhaps I should’ve kept him on a tighter leash. novelbin

Perhaps I shouldn’t have told him to go near Amaria’s house. She wouldn’t hurt to fly though.

Then my thoughts twisted it on themselves, she was an upstanding citizen, the angel, the patron saint of that pack, but there was one person in this world she would always kill for.

No, she didn’t have it in her…

Not her with her garden and her herbs. Her sewing in her rule–following. She would be with

the other elders stating the war rules and the rights they must follow.


My son had already called the council on Marcus. He was entitled to his land when he won,

and he didn’t have to abide by the rules now Marcus was forfeit to them.

But was I?

I was technically still an alpha, though my son had the position and the blood and the power I had never formally renounced my title.

I highly doubt they would afford me any such gratitude, they were never my biggest fans. I couldn’t hope to use them to keep him in place.

Perhaps I was thinking of this all wrong. I kept seeing one huge final battle perhaps instead it was tiny little infractions here, and there weakening him but by bit.

What if I send out that little elite unit? What if they provoke him just a bit? at least do some damage and run. I’m sure he had his defenses, but they should be able to get past that. It was

time I saw how they moved anyway.


Chapter 142

Vanessa get Cyrus,” I snapped my fingers and she pranced off.


Soon enough, my yes man was standing in front of me. I ordered him to send them off to do

hand. some reconnaissance and whatever damage they thought would give up the upper

He wasn’t expecting this so that gave them some help. If they played this right, they could do multiple attacks and we could walk away unscathed.

I asked them to find out where Jackson went if they could. I didn’t want that giving away any information he might’ve dug up on me for insurance.

Let’s see how you handle this one boy.

Off they went with a few explosives a few guns and a lot of bad intentions. Would their righteous attitudes protect them now? I hope that pretty little wife of his is tougher than she


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