Shattered Illusions: Love, Lies, and Redemption

Chapter 378

Chapter 378

“I had no clue about today’s events until I heard the news and rushed to the hospital immediately. Sadly, I

was still too late.”

Lizetta’s gaze flickered slightly, her expression still cool. She began to speak, her voice trembling slightly.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re involved or not; Joy was hurt for no reason. You blame me for insisting on dancing, accusing me of neglecting Joy’s safety, but I’ve always taken good care of Joy! It’s you, as a father, who has failed, not worthy of being Joy’s dad.”

Her heart ached twice. Once was when she heard about him and Stella, collapsing on the street, agonized at the thought of losing Joy. The other time was today, which likely meant a few days in bed to recover.

Remington held Lizetta, accepting her accusations without a word. He kissed her brows, nose, and cheeks, softly saying. “Honey, I’m sorry. I indeed failed to take care of you and Joy.

There’s no way my mom would do something like this without reason. There must be more to it, and I will find out, giving you and Joy an explanation.

I’m Joy’s dad, and just like you, I won’t let anyone harm our child, nor will I let off anyone who tries to hurt you and Joy. Trust me, okay?”

His hand gently caressed Lizetta’s cheek, his voice deep. Lizetta noticed a faint smell, of blood, and upon looking down, she saw his palm was wounded, covered in a scab.

Her eyelashes fluttered, and she eventually nodded.

“Then you investigate. Once it’s over, take me back to Yoli’s place.”

“Alright, once everything is settled, and you’ve recovered, you’re free to go wherever you want. For now, please, no stubbornness, okay? Your health is what matters most, agreed?”

Lizetta nodded, her heart also harboring suspicions. The last time Evelina was forcibly placed on the operating table by her grandma for an amniocentesis.

Just yesterday, she had a confrontation with Evelina in the diner, and today, she found herself on the operating table, subjected to the same procedure.

It all seemed too coincidental, likely Evelina’s doing. She decided to trust Remington once more, curious to see how he would handle Evelina this time.

“Tired? Sleep now.”

At the sight of her agreement, Remington’s stern expression finally softened. He adjusted her position to make her more comfortable in his arms and spoke softly.

Lizetta, truly exhausted, didn’t have the energy to argue further. She rested in his arms, closing her eyes.

Remington held her all the way, instructing the driver to drive even smoother. Upon reaching Oakridge Heights, he covered Lizetta with a blanket, carrying her and the blanket back to the bedroom, gently placing her on the bed.

He tidied her disheveled hair and planted a soft kiss on her forehead, adjusting the bedside lamp before leaving the room.

Downstairs, Ray was already waiting. Upon seeing him, Ray reported, “It was Edith gossiping with Mrs.

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Hanna Dashiell, mentioning you and Mrs. Lizetta Dashiell always took precautions, which led her to novelbin


“And the person behind Edith?”

Edith had no direct conflict with Lizetta, making her actions unnecessary. Clearly, someone else was stirring trouble.

“Edith refused to say, only admitting Mrs. Hanna Dashiell ordered her to keep an eye on you and Mrs. Lizetta Dashiell, reporting everything in detail.

But I found out Edith reteived a mysterious call this morning, the records were deleted, but after data recovery, we traced the call’s location to the Hawthorne family mansion.”

Remington’s expression remained unchanged, the answer not surprising him in the least. He remembered the night he fell ill with a fever, Evelina showed up in Oakridge Heights‘ bedroom late at night.

At that time, Evelina claimed she found the door open, confirming Edith was indeed a very “loyal” servant. Not the first time she had betrayed her duties.

With a sharp look in his eyes, Remington stepped out with Ray, striding away.

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