Serve No One This Life

Chapter 400

Chapter 400 I won’t Allow Anyone To Ruin My Life

Joseph waited on the ground floor of Jonathan’s company. He hadn’t made an appointment, and after speaking to the receptionist, he had to wait for a while. Unfortunately, when someone finally came down, it wasn’t Jonathan but Spencer.

Spencer politely said to him, “Mr. Lawson isn’t here. You can tell me anything anytime and I’ll make sure to pass on the message tomorrow.”

Joseph furrowed his brow and instinctively asked, “Could you please pass on the message now? It’s a bit urgent.”

Upon hearing this, Spencer looked hesitant. “Mr. Lawson is taking a rest today, so it wouldn’t be appropriate to disturb him.”

Whether he went home for lunch or was driven away by Florence’s pestering, now with a visitor from the Kins Family, he had to treat them all equally.

“In that case, I’ll trouble you. When you pass on the message, could you let him know that I’m Angela’s older brother and that I need to discuss something very important with him?” D

“Sure thing, I’ll pass on the message,” replied Spencer, puzzled by the man’s identity as Angela’s older brother and surprised that someone of his stature couldn’t reach out to Jonathan directly.

He casually agreed and politely bid farewell to Joseph.

Joseph frowned deeply but didn’t press further. Before leaving, he exchanged contact information with Spencer.

After Joseph left, Spencer sent a text message to Jonathan.


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Chapter 400 I won’t Allow Anyone To Ruin My Life

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He hadn’t intended to disturb Jonathan, so if he received the message, it meant that the latter was free.

Jonathan indeed had plenty of free time.

He had been bothered by Florence’s persistent pestering, so he simply went home and spent all his time with Angela after she finished her training.

Upon seeing Jonathan come back early for once, Angela first checked his condition as usual and then performed acupuncture on him.

Lately, he hadn’t shown any signs of emotional instability or self–harm.

Even when she had left for her test earlier, he had been doing well those two days.

For Angela, it was undoubtedly fantastic news.

She felt that with continued treatment, he would definitely get better and


After sweating profusely from acupuncture, Jonathan emerged feeling refreshed. Angela was reading a book when he came out.

He didn’t want to disturb her but also didn’t want to be too far away, so he simply sat beside her. However, he couldn’t help but glance at her from time to time.

“Is the company really not busy today?” Angela, distracted by him once again, set the book aside.

She had borrowed the book from the library earlier and had already read most of it, but she couldn’t focus with him occasionally stealing glances at her.

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Chapter 400 I won’t Allow Anyone To Ruin My Life

Jonathan replied, “Not busy at all, Spencer can handle it.”

Angela nodded. Thinking about how he had been sneakily watching her just now, she couldn’t help but ask, “So, do you have something to tell me?”

After a moment’s pause, Jonathan spoke up just when she thought he wouldn’t. “Joseph came to the company looking for me?

He had seen the text from Spencer a while ago but had been hesitating whether to tell her. He was sure Joseph’s visit meant trouble and hence, he selfishly didn’t want her to know. Plus, he had already ordered an investigation to find out the reason behind it.

But with Florence’s people tailing him, his own men were likely to be restricted. However, he had entrusted Yarrison with the task, hoping he’d uncover something.

“He came to see you? Probably not to ask me to treat Zacharias‘ illness, right?” Angela guessed Joseph’s intention in one shot, recalling the time when Scarlet and Fanny had confronted her before

she left school.

But she hadn’t let them gain anything from her.

Jonathan raised his eyebrows, recalling the time when Joseph first arrived in Northland and had blocked them downstairs in his company building. It was true that they had been obstructed by him.

Back then, Joseph requested Angela to treat Zacharias.

“Maybe, Yarrison might already be onto it.” Jonathan hesitated for a while, believing that Yarrison wouldn’t take long to find out.

Angela seemed lost in thought and opted not to respond.

Sure enough, Yarrison was quick. Just as Jonathan mentioned him, the phone rang.


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Without avoiding Angela, he mentioned Yarrison’s name and answered the call front of her

und out that Joseph Kins from the Kins Family wants you to persuade your wife to help Zacharias with his illness,” Yarrison said over the phone.

Angels rolled her eyes upon hearing his words, Joseph indeed had this Kiss, and it was right on target.

Any other news” Jonathan asked Yarrison.

arrison continued. “Zacharias has been in the emergency room twice these past two days, his condition is critical, and it seems like they’re preparing for a compatibility test with his sister.”

Compatibility te

Angela glanced at the phone and asked him. “You managed to find out about this too?”

Yarrison heard Angela’s voice and chuckled, “Mrs. Lawson, you’re here too. I checked the messages of the doctors treating Zacharias and Fanny, and they mentioned a compatibility test.”

Angela felt a tingling sensation on her scalp for no apparent reason, She knew that Yarrison was knowledgeable about computers and hacking techniques, but she didn’t expect him to actually delve into intrusion.

Yarrison spoke a few more words, and then Jonathan hung up the phone.

Following the call, he concluded, “Joseph wants to donate a kidney to Fartery

Angela nodded. “They haven’t been matched yet, and even if they do, it’s not guaranteed he can donate.”


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Chapter 400 I won’t Allow Anyone To Ruin My Life

“I’ll have Yarrison monitor the situation.” Jonathan decided firmly.

Angela nodded, choosing not to mention Zacharias‘ treatment.

The last time she treated him, she noticed something was amiss. He had unreasonably provoked her, perhaps in an attempt to successfully donate a kidney to Fanny.

Hmm, sibling love truly runs deep.

For Fanny’s sake, he was willing to sacrifice his own life.

Recalling the times she had saved him from the brink of death, Angela felt like her emotions had been wasted.

Upon seeing her distressed, Jonathan came over to hug and comfort her.

Angela allowed him to embrace her and she felt much better both physically and mentally.

Just as they were getting comfortable, Angela’s phone suddenly rang.

It turned out that Ava, Sophia, and the others had deliberated for a long time before deciding to inform Angela about Joseph seeking Yoanna.

To prevent any potential harm to Angela, they wanted to ensure she was prepared.

Angela left Jonathan’s embrace and answered the phone.

The three of them quickly explained the situation with Joseph to Angela over the phone, and she found it somewhat amusing.

She thanked her three friends for their support and asked them to remain vigilant in the future before ending the call.


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Chagporn 400 I won’t Allow Anyone To Ruin My Life

After hanging up, she and Jonathan exchanged glances.

Tve blocked Joseph, but he will find a way” Angela sighed.

It was understandable that Joseph would approach Jonathan, considering he was her husband. However, she didn’t anticipate him targeting her friends as well.

Although Ava. Sophia, and Yoanna didn’t mind and even played a trick on Joseph for her, she knew that if he couldn’t reach her through Yoanna and Jonathan, he would undoubtedly bother others.

It seemed she needed to have a conversation with Joseph, whether over the phone or in person.

Jonathan reassured her. ‘It’s not your fault.”

“I know,” she replied with a smile.

She didn’t believe it was her fault. The issues of the Kins Family were significant and troubling, and she simply wanted to avoid them and live peacefully, in this life or the previous one.

She treasured the life that had unexpectedly come her way. Whether it was spending time with Jonathan or having a circle of friends by her side, they were all valuable to her.

Hence, she was determined not to let anyone spoil it.

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