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Chapter 217

Chapter 217: Chapter 213: Judge Others by Oneself

With all matters settled, Tang Luo turned to look at his younger brother, whose face was flushed with shame and eyes still traced by tears. He reached out his hand, causing the young boy to shudder.

The martial skills of those who have ascended from the Mortal Realm are too powerful for Mortal Realm martial artists, even more so for a prepubescent boy.

Tang Luo had no intention of striking his brother again, but merely dusted off the boy’s abdomen, asking, “Does it hurt?”

“No.rnot at all!” The young boy stubbornly responded, his head thrown back, coughing out a trace of blood.

Tang Luo shook his head, pulling out a handkerchief from his pocket to hand to him. “Not only does it hurt you, but the young girl is also in pain.”

He had not held back with his punch and kick, and any ordinary Mortal Realm martial artist would have coughed up more than just mouthfuls of blood.

The twelve or thirteen-year-old girl hadn’t fully matured, and the boy in front of him was as stout as a calf. One could imagine how tough last night had been for the little girl.

Everyone only saw the blood on the young master’s face, but who would care for the tormented girl’s pain, her inability to stand due to her fragility?

In this world, advocating for equality among all is fruitless. Tang Luo was well aware of this. Even if one day he could establish a city founded on equality, it would be nothing more than a utopian fantasy.

Because such a beautiful scene of equality would merely exist within an oppressed society, dominated by absolute power. In such a society, there is no truth, and thus how can equality exist?

However, his memories and persona had already been formed before coming to this world, and this perspective, which greatly diverged from that of its inhabitants, served as his only connection to that extraordinary place. He was unwilling to let it go.

A selfish person would not feel remorse from harming others, as they simply disregarded anyone but themselves. Tang Luo, however, did not wish his brother to become such a person. Thus, his final lesson for his brother was a standpoint of empathy.

Only those who learn empathy could truly understand the real world.

Tang Xing trembled as he listened to his older brother, inadvertently casting a glance over to Miao Zhu. Her gaze was full of concern.

An unease infiltrated his heart, an instinctual need to avert his gaze from such solicitous eyes. He couldn’t comprehend why his handmaid, who had been so brutally harmed due to his actions, would still care for him.

The inexperienced young boy tried for the first time to understand love, and he concluded:

Love, it seems, is when she still cares for you, despite being hurt by you.

Tang Luo glanced at the dazed Tang Xing, subtly shaking his head, then turned towards Xu Shuhui to say: “Mother, I shall take my leave.”

Xu Shuhui nodded her understanding, and Tang Luo turned back to pat Tang Xing’s shoulder saying, “I’m going first.”novelbin

Without waiting for a reply, he strode out of the side hall. Once outside, he saw Xu Lao Ying, leaning against a pillar with crossed arms.

“What are you doing here?”

Xu Lao Ymg scratched his head uncomfortably, saying, “This kind of thing, it’s not really appropriate for me to be involved.”

“Aren’t you the one who’s most adept at these ‘kind of things’?” Tang Luo quipped with a smirk.

“Far from it, far from it. You are the expert, not me,” Xu Lao Ying chuckled off the question.

Tang Luo shook his head, saying, “Let’s go eat first, then I’ll prepare the challenge letter for you.”

“Sounds good! You’re truly dependable, young brother!” Xu Lao Ying gave Tang Luo a thumbs-up.

“Glad to know,” Tang Luo proudly responded and led him towards the dining hall. 6

After the eldest son left the side hall, Xu Shuhui spoke to several stewards and martial artists, “You all should leave with me as well.”

Having finished speaking, her heart ached as she gently caressed the young boy’s face, asking with sympathy, “Does it hurt?”

“No, not at all.” Tang Xing, choked by Xu Shuhui’s concern and caress, responded.

The sight of her youngest son struggling to hold back his sobs caused Xu Shuhui’s dam of tears, barely held back, to collapse again. She cried out, saying, “Don’t blame your brother, he just desperately wants you to succeed.”

I won t, mother. I know brother is caring for me.”

“What a good boy, Xing’er, you’re such a good boy.” Xu Shuhui, touched by her son’s understanding and maturity, leaned over to kiss his cheek.

Without his boyish innocence, the child had become a man, and from then on she could never kiss his chubby cheeks again. This was a mother’s final kiss to her child. The thought alone made Xu Shuhui’s tears flow uncontrollably once again.

However loving she may be, this kiss could not last forever. With a pang of reluctance, Xu Shuhui raised her head, cradled her son’s face once again, and said: “Mother is leaving now, this place…” She glanced past her young son to look at the maid slumped on the ground and turned to Tang Xing, “You will handle it from here.”

With that, Xu Shuhui left the side hall with a few stewards and warriors.

After Tang Xing saw his mother off, there was only the little maid, Miao Zhu, who was slumped on the ground in the side hall.

“Cough.” Tang Xing covered his mouth with the cloth, having forcefully suppressed his discomfort while his mother was present. Now he can finally let the blood out. The cloth in his hand turned red.

He wiped his mouth, tucked the cloth into his chest and sat down next to Miao Zhu, clutching his stomach.

Looking at the little girl in front of him, he didn’t know what to say for a moment, but him deciding to speak first was a result of the earlier scolding.

“Miao Zhu.”

“Young Master.”

They both started speaking simultaneously. The little girl’s eyes were filled

with worry, the young boy’s eyes were filled with guilt.

Miao Zhu looked into Tang Xing’s eyes and began to cry with a soft whimper.

Yesterday, she spent most of the time crying, but he didn’t feel anything, yet why does it make his heart tremble to see her cry today? Flustered, Tang Xing fumbled for the cloth from his bosom and offered it hastily to her, repeatedly saying, Don’t cry, it’s all my fault, please don’t cry.”

Miao Zhu didn’t respond, only sobbing as she wiped her face wildly with her hand.

Tang Xing looked at her tear-streaked face in sorrow and felt a sudden impulse to embrace her. This was what Xu Shuhui often did when he was afraid. In his memory, this was the best way to overcome fear and crying, but as soon as he hugged her, he could feel the girl in his arms trembling.

Tang Xing murmured softly, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Don’t be scared, there’s nothing to worry about now.” He wasn’t sure why she was so frightened, but the only thing he could do was apologize.

I…I’m not scared.” Miao Zhu’s voice trembled as she responded.

Of course, she was scared. Despite her efforts to control herself, her body trembled involuntarily. These were the aftereffects of the previous night’s trauma, which still caused her searing pain.

Tang Xing straightened Miao Zhu’s shoulders, looked into her reddened eyes and promised, “I’m sorry. From now on, I will always protect you!”

Looking at the sincere expression on Tang Xing’s face, Miao Zhu felt a surreal sense of disorientation as if she was dreaming. She didn’t say anything but instead reached up and touched his face.

The isolating emotion of the young girl, who heard a promise for the first time in her life, that someone would protect her, was a marvelous new experience.

The feeling of being cared for was wonderful. Miao Zhu chuckled. The

satisfaction on her face was heart-wrenching to see.

Tang Xing was about to say something more when he felt a bitter taste surge in his throat and he spat out another mouthful of blood, splattering all over Miao Zhu.

Seeing Tang Xing vomit blood, the little girl’s smile turned into panic, and she quickly wiped the blood stains from his mouth with her finger wrapped in her sleeve.

The girl’s hand was soft, especially gentle when wiping the youth’s face. Seeing the concern in Miao Zhu’s eyes, Tang Xing felt warmed, and the discomfort in his chest seemed to lessen significantly.

But internal injuries cannot be healed just by wiping away the blood. They required professional medical treatment. Also, there was the little girl’s pain to consider.

After a reminder from Tang Luo, he finally understood why the girl would never stand straight and why her legs were trembling so badly.

“Let’s go to the pharmacy to treat our injuries.”

With guilt in his heart, the young boy lifted the girl in his arms. The girl, like a gentle, frail creature, curled up in his arms.

Miao Zhu lifted her head, looking at the

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