My Loyal Husband After Our Divorce

Chapter 654

Chapter 654: The Lin Family Has to Die Now

"Your wish is my command so listen well. Your Lin family's scheme has been exposed!" Xinghe announced the loudest she could as she pointed directly at the bunch of weasels. Everyone in the Lin family's hearts definitely skipped a beat! Everyone whipped their heads around to look at her. Elder Lin's face quivered uncontrollably facing Xinghe's penetrating gaze.

The other people from the Lin family didn't have a presentable expression as well.

The Shen family and Tong family were shocked. Lin family's scheme... What scheme?

"Preposterous!" Elder Lin slammed on the table and glared at Xinghe like he was going to swallow her alive. "Such an insolent little girl, do you know who you're talking to? If you dare to say such slanderous words again, I will make your life a living hell. Even if you have the Xi family behind your back, I will not let you off the hook so easily! I'm warning you, Xi family, if any of you dare to come up against us, my Lin family will fight tooth and nail until the end of times!"

Elder Lin thought he could scare them off with threats but Xinghe and the Xi family were not afraid of him. Xinghe would let them know, when facing their enemies, they would never retreat and would only become more ruthless than them!

"There's no need to fight until the end of times because your Lin family will have to die now," Xinghe enunciated word by word. "I believe that, not only will our Xi family want you people dead, the Shen family will want that as well!" Elder Shen was befuddled. "What does this have to do with our Shen family? Xinghe, what have you been talking about?"

Xinghe turned to look at him and said directly, "Elder Shen, you might not know this, but your second daughter is not your daughter but the Lin family's daughter. For the purpose of their own scheme, the Lin family traded their daughter with yours so many years ago. So, the daughter you've been raising for so many years is actually the Lin family's real fourth daughter."

"You're lying-"

"What did you say?"

Shen Ru and Elder Shen exclaimed in unison. Old Madam Shen and the Tong family were stunned beyond words.


The Lin family was mortified. How did Xia Xinghe know about this?

Tong Yan was appalled. What is this b*tch talking about?

"Xia Xinghe, you are talking nonsense! If I'm not from Shen family then what am I? Xia Xinghe, you've crossed the line, how can you slander my name like this? Security, detain her immediately! Sis, quick get the men to capture her!" Shen Ru yelled agitatedly like a mad woman. No one was listening to her.

Xinghe glared at her and said, "Shen Ru, you've known about your identity for some time already, that's the only reason why you've been so willing to help the Lin family all of a sudden. Although, I must say, I didn't expect you to pimp out your own daughter to save this situation. Cousins getting married, if this is not incest, I have no idea what is." novelbin

"You're lying! This is slander!" Shen Ru was shaking from both angerland fear. "Bitch how dare you talk to me n. like this? I'm going to kill you!"

Shen Ru charged at Xinghe violently. Xinghe easily side-stepped out of her way, causing Shen Ru to trip and fall to the ground.

"Mommy-" Tong Yan rushed to help her mother. She glared with intense hatred at Xinghe "B*tch, you're going to pay for treating my mother this way!"

Like her mother, Tong Yan, who harbored an equal measure of anger and fear in her heart, also charged at Xinghe...

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