Even After Death by Lilting Champ

Chapter 1615

Chapter 1615

Although it was supposed to be their family matter, Jacqueline didn't know why she felt anxious as the clock ticked by. Henley didn't have an inkling of her thought.

The sense of defeat was wearing him down.

He lost.

The meticulous plan he devised failed in the end.

To Henley, David only seemed to be wielding his power in front of him like a winner.

Emery and Sawyer came to the scene not long after.

They were relatively calm as they didn't share the same notion as Henley.

1 Even though they didn't share the same mother, David was still their half-brother! There was no reason for them to go against David.

2 "David, are you alright?" said Emery.

"I'm glad you're alright, David," Sawyer greeted.

After small talk, they finally noticed Linus, who hadn't left the room. "Isn't he..." "This is Mr.


I'll explain to you about him later.

| gathered everyone here because of a family matter." Even though the two brothers were curious about the reason for Linus’ visit, David was able to keep the situation under control.

He was the leader, after all.

It was nothing to be surprised by.

Emery and Sawyer took a seat.

Judging from David's serious expression, it had to be something important. "Many things have happened to our family lately.

I've heard what happened to Garrett.novelbin

| was saddened by the news." Henley coldly snorted.

"Save the acting, please." His eyes reddened at the mention of Garrett. “Henley, David has nothing to do with what happened to Garrett.

Why must you do this?" "Oh, shut up, both of you.

Stop calling him so endearingly.

Don't forget that he's not one of us.

Look, even the Heath family has come to find him." Emery and Sawyer finally comprehended the situation—David had something to do with the Heath family.

"Don't put it that way, Henley.

At the very least, we share the same mother.

He's our eldest brother." Henley was going to rebut that, but David raised his hand to stop the fight. "| know that you've never liked me.

I've tried my best to be a good brother all these years.

But I'm afraid things aren't going according to my wish.

"You did so much just to drive me out of the family.

Forget it.

You guys should distribute Dad's assets while everyone is around." "Us? What do you mean, David?" Emery asked dubiously.

"To be honest, | was there when he wrote the will.

The will was confirmed upon my agreement." Henley turned sour.

"Trying to brag again? How | wish | had your skills to fool Dad around.

In the end, he bestowed his assets to an outsider." "Take a look at it yourselves first." David didn't explain himself. Henley didn't want to waste his time reading the document.

He assumed that David had hogged the good things for himself.

Emery and Sawyer exclaimed, "Henley, look! Ene oesht lag right." ‘Wha hat ip it? Dia David take IN Ken'a: for himself? David Fordham, I'm warning you, if you—" "Dad!" Graham interrupted. Visit NovelDrama.Org to read the latest chapter of this novel

"| think you should take a look at it first." The assets were distributed clearly as stated. The valuable assets like houses were equally distributed into three portions. As for the remaining assets, the ratio was quite different.

For instance, Henley received more luxury cars; Emery received mM antiques: antilSawyer ave oore properties aside from the equally distributed ones. Visit NovelDrama.Org to read the latest chapter of this novel

David's name wasn't written there.

"How could this be..." Even Graham would be receiving somethin ucaeni From the will, But pettingwas'be owed

O David's family! Similar to Henley's family, Jacqueline was curious how much assets Douglas would give her. Visit NovelDrama.Org to read the

latest chapter of this novel

After acting as a filial granddaughter, she assumed she would receive more.

However, nothing was left for David.

Let alone for her! The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

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