Desires Die Hard

Chapter 820

Chapter 820

Chapter 820

Just as he expected.

Evan was watching it from his office. The look in Cohen’s eyes triggered Evan's rage to the extreme.

He held the pen tighter in his hand.

Silence came for a few seconds.

Hayden heard the sound of something snapping.

The luxurious pen was broken into half from Evan’s grasp.

The ink spilled over the desk and Evan’s hand.

Hayden was spooked.

Hardly had he seen Evan be so mad like this.

Without asking any questions, he took some tissue papers and cleaned the ink off Evan’s hand.

“Do you want me to check it out, sir?” asked Hayden carefully as he tossed the tissue papers into the trash bin, “No,” said Evan calmly.

He knew how much effort Anya had done to make JK Couture a better company. Interrupting it would only annoy her. She said she wanted to achieve something in her career so that she would never feel inferior to him.

It kept her working hard.

He had full trust in her and would always support her, but it didn’t mean that he would bear with men being around her like annoying flies.

He needed a perfect plan to take care of it. Check the background of the company, the famous newcomer. “Roger, sir.”

“Clear out my schedules for the next few days. There’s a lady | need to visit,” said Evan. He remembered that Gina used to ask a renowned designer to make her a unique dress.

It boosted her fame greatly.

All the masterpieces of the designer were kept in various museums.

She was the only designer that was invited by the national government to hold a show in the capital. But she left the world of design ten years ago.

Evan wanted her help.

He wanted to replace Cohen with her.

“Consider it done, sir.”

Chapter 820

Meanwhile in the meeting room.

Cohen let go of Anya’s hand after a while. Anya sighed out of relief and sat down. The meeting began.

It went smoothly.

Anya and Cohen sign the contract quickly.

Looking at the contract that had both her name and Cohen’s name on it, Anya was excited. She looked to Cohen and said, “We're colleagues now, Mr. Olson. | sincerely hope you wouldn’t mind about the limitations that are yet to be overcome in JK Couture.

“You're free to work anywhere you'd like to, so we would not force you to stay. If you need any help, just let us know.”

Cohen pretended to be all ears while having all his attention fyxed 6” ™M Anyais pretdy Yate. The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

“Thank you, Ms. MacMillan. “l wish you and JK Couture a greater success.

“But we can't call it a celebration without champagne? sajd CoPelt ds he snapbe@his Finger, The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

His assistant took a bottle of champagne out of the bag and put it on the desk.

Jake stood up quickly, “I'll get the glasses!”

Cohen’s assistant poured everyone a glass of champagne.

Cohen picked one up and said to Anya, “I guess a sip of it won’t hurt, Ms. MacMillan.”

Anya nodded. Just as she picked one glass up as well, the door of the meeting room was open. Hayden walked in with Evan in tow slowly..


Evan walked to Anya and took the glass away from her. He sneered at Cohen and said, “Myapology\RAr: Ofsqn. Diy Wite is pregnant, and ll take this one for her. Congratulations on our cooperation. Cheers, Mr. Olson.” The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

He drank it to the bottom quickly

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