Can’t Win Me Back

Chapter 1986

Landon looked at his reflection in the mirror. His face was well-defined, his eyes were deep, and his short hair was graying.

He was like a cypress tree that was covered in snow after withstanding the vicissitudes of life. The only thing was that he no longer looked as majestic as he used to.

Then, someone knocked on the door.

Landon walked over and opened the door. He smiled. "Hey, Jasper."

Jasper raised his brows slightly. He lifted a plastic bag in his hand and said, "I'm here by my wife's orders to dye your hair."

Landon's lashes fluttered. The smile on his face became wider, and he let out a grin that hadn't been seen in a while.

"I'm not sure if I should trust your skills, Jasper."

"Just give it a try then. I won't charge you if it turns out bad."

Jasper and Landon looked at one another and smiled. It felt as if they hadn't felt so relaxed in a long time.

Landon sat in front of the mirror with a hairdressing apron around him. Jasper stood behind him and applied the hair dye on his head patiently.

Landon watched as his gray hair was being dyed black. He couldn't help but crack a joke. "I said that I would grow old with Lauren until our hairs turned gray, but here I am, dyeing my hair black in secret..." "Make sure you dye it regularly in the future. Don't think that you can slack off just because you're married. Otherwise, Lauren might not like you anymore," Jasper uttered as he looked at Landon's graying hair. "Lauren will not dislike me. You might become envious of me instead."

Jasper was perplexed.

"Envious that I look older and more mature than you... Ouch!"

Jasper narrowed his eyes. The comb caught in Landon's tangled hair, making him wince in pain. "Have mercy on me, Your Highness! I'm sorry!"

After Landon's hair was dyed, he stood in front of the mirror next to Jasper.

It was as if they had returned to when they were newbies in the business world. At that time, they were full of grit as they appeared confidently in the eyes of the public.

"Landon." Jasper felt touched. Waves of emotions surged within him. "I feel like a father giving his child's hand in marriage."

Landon laughed heartily and patted him on the shoulder. "Well, nothing wrong with that. You are like my father anyway!"

In the other room, Lauren changed into a light pink dress that Rose had customized for her. It was a maxi dress with long sleeves and a high collar, suitable for the fall season. It was retro and elegant at the same time. Alyssa helped Lauren to the front of the mirror.

Lauren looked at her beautiful self. Her eyes glistened as they welled up with tears.

"I could've made the dress lift her breasts up more. I overlooked that." Rose was a perfectionist. She was able to pick out even the smallest flaw.

Lauren had been eating poorly, so her body was exceptionally thin.

"This color matches Lauren's fair skin very well. The high collar is also beautiful and it makes her neck look slender." Alyssa reminded her of the other positives about the dress in case Rose decided to take it back for alteration. There was not enough time for that!

Tatiana nodded enthusiastically. "She's right. She looks like a swan!"

Alyssa giggled. "As for her breasts, her lover will tend to them after they get married. They'll grow bigger."

Lauren was confused, but Rose understood what she meant. Rose and Alyssa shot cheeky looks at one another like two playful women.

Even though Tatiana was naive, she was already attached to Sean. So, she understood the meaning of those words immediately. Her face and her neck flushed red in an instant. Just then, a knock sounded at the door.

Alyssa dashed over and opened the door. She saw Landon dressed in his smart suit, looking handsome. His dark hair was also styled carefully.novelbin

She nodded satisfactorily. "Looks like my man has got some skill."

Jasper, who was standing behind Landon, pursed his embarrassment. Jasper and Alyssa pulled the man of the hour into the ward.

He caught sight of Lauren in an elegant pink gown. She had a light makeup look on her face. At that moment, he felt like his entire world had lit up.

"Are you my Lauren?" he asked in a careful and hoarse voice.

Lauren blushed as her heart pounded. She nodded slightly.

"My Lauren... You're beautiful."

Landon gulped. His heart was filled with immense happiness He walked up to her slowly, picked up her hands, and held them tightly in his.

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