30 Days till I Divorce My Husband (Estrella and Jason)

Chapter 292

Chapter 292

Chapter 292 In that moment, despite a lingering sense of melancholy, Estrella maintained her composure with practiced ease.

Hearing this, the doctor said, “Ms. Estrella, even though we've just revisited a time from seven years ago, | regret to inform you that the fire you spoke of remains elusive in your memory.”

She continued, “Perhaps, Ms. Estrella, the events you've just recalled are more significant to you than the fire.” Ashiver ran down Estrella’s spine as she looked at Dr. Abigail and asked, “What did | remember just now? What did | say?”

Dr. Abigail handed her a cassette tape. “Don’t be too anxious, Ms. Estrella. This is the recording from our session. You can listen to it at home.”

Confused, Estrella took the tape. If she hadn’t said much, why were there tears streaking her face, and why was Jason’s expression so grave?

As Estrella accepted the tape, the doctor added, “There is another possibility. If you can’t recall that memory later on, it may have been deliberately erased through hypnosis. But we will need a few more sessions to confirm this theory.”

At this, Estrella turned to look at Jason.

Erased on purpose? This new hypothesis from Dr. Abigail sparked fresh thoughts in Estrella’s mind. Jason held her hand, as if he too had stumbled upon a revelation.

After briefly discussing with the doctor, they scheduled a follow-up appointment and Jason drove Estrella back home. On the way back, Estrella was quite busy, constantly answering phone calls.

Villagers from Glimmering Lake reported that the compensation from Chemisphere wa received. Logan called to discuss work matters. Estrella’s former client Jo mentioned a friend going through a complex divorce involving a hefty estate, convoluted family ties, illegitimate children, and company shares. Jo sought Estrella’s help with the case.

Estrella’s head ached as she listened, but she agreed, “Sure, Jo. Pass along my contact info to the person concerned, and we'll set up a meeting.”

On the driver’s side, Jason also fielded a few calls, but his matters seemed less fragmented than Estrella’s.

Gripping the steering wheel, Jason stole a glance at Estrella, who was handling her affairs with such grace and ease. His mind wandered back to the scene at the hospital, to the things she revealed under hypnosis.

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After Estrella had drifted off, Dr. Abigail had asked what happened that year. Estrella’s frown deepened, and her mood plummeted.

“| thought Jason was in love with me,” she had murmured. “He didn’t come for me. He didn’t look for me.” After that, she fell silent, only her tears speaking volumes, dampening her clothes and the chair beneath her.

Back then, when she had agreed to the marriage, Kristin had assured that Estrella’s affections were genuine. It was merely a step to validate their love, given that he too had consented to the family’s wishes. But at the time, he was blinded by the harsh words and cold dismissals she had given him. He couldn't believe Kristin's account, thinking Estrella’s consent was mere superstition and that he was nothing more to her than a means to an

end. Now, it was clear to everyone but him.

After hanging up with Jo, Estrella put down her phone and noticed Jason’s pensive mood. She teased, “Why are you so gloomy? Did my harsh words earlier strike a nerve?”

Without waiting for a response, she quipped again, “Or did | say something under hypnosis that knocked you sideways?”novelbin

Her teasing only intensified Jason’s guilt. He reached for her hand, “No.” He wished she had been harsh. He would rather be hurt than see her in pain.

Squeezing her hand, he looked at her again, “Your acting had me fooled.” From then on, he vowed to trust nothing else but the fact that Estrella loved him, and she truly held him in

her heart.

Estrella felt a pang of guilt but managed to muster a half-hearted smile, still wondering what she might have revealed while hypnotized.

Jason’s laughter broke through her doubts. “Relax, even under hypnosis you were tight-lipped. You didn’t spill any secrets.” “Really?” she asked, relieved.

With a hint of disdain, Jason replied, “You barely said a few words. You didn’t expect to unveil some earth-shattering secret, did you?”

With that assurance, Estrella brushed off her concerns and brought the conversation back to Dr. Abigail’s hypothesis. “Do you think it’s possible? Could someone have really erased my memories?”

Jason's voice was firm, “Whether you remember or not, I'll uncover the truth.”

Estrella joked, “Aren’t you afraid that I’m actually plotting against you? That all this time I’m just putting on an act?”


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Chapter 292

He met her gaze, “If you want my life, it’s yours,

His profound look made Estrella laugh. The laughter faded, and they continued the drive in comfortable silence, with Estrella’s hand in Jason's.

The thoughts of her hypnosis session lingered with Jason as they drove. Soon, they arrived at (one om presage lite ok n had alteatly picked him up. Spotting Estrella and Jason, Autumn quickly handed Isaac over, “I’ve got a class reunion tonight, so I’m leaving Isaac with you guys.” The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

Before they could react, Autumn was off in her Mercedes, leaving Estrella and Jason with their bundle of joy.

Glancing over at Jason, who cradled Isaac in his arms, Estrella remarked with a hint of jest, “Looks like my moms got life Ne thatetie’s get an extr@ paitof hands around.” Not so long ago, Autumn had been all about Isaac, never leaving his side or wanting to go anywhere. But since Isaac had taken a shine to Jason, Autumn had loosened her grip and let them spend time together on their own. The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

With one arm wrapped around Isaac and the other holding Estrella’s hand, Jason announced, “Let’s head back to Waterfall Acres.”

Autumn trusted Estrella and Isaac with him, and Jason couldn't be happier.

After making dinner for Estrella and Isaac, and putting Isaac to sleep around nine ig the\evehina Jason finally h ‘he chance to rest. He walked up behind Estrella and embraced her. The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

Resting his chin on her shoulder, he gently closed his eyes, savoring the affection and tranquility of the moment. Estrella turned to catch his gaze. “Next time, don’t come to Waterfall Acres. Stay home where someone can look after you.” He was working hard, and then he had to come home to cook and take care of Isaac. She was tired just thinking about his day.

After her words fell, Jason tightened his embrace and nuzzled her cheek, murmuring softly, “You worried about me?”

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